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  1. I’m new this blog and oil painting. Hello! I have been watching Bob on my local pbs channel and I noticed that on some black canvases he uses liquid clear under the transparent color he covers the canvas with, but some he does not. Should we always use liquid clear on black gesso like we always use liquid white on our white canvases? Thanks.

    • You don’t always have to use the liquid clear, but it makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier if you do so. But just remember to wipe it off as you will inevitably apply more than you need. Happy painting!

      • Thank you! One more question… the Bob ross titanium white I’ve bought from amazon and hobby lobby is as soft as pudding. Do you know what I can use to firm it up and which brand has the firmest paint? Thanks!

      • No problem! As for paint, I get them from To firm it up try putting some out on a piece of cardboard for oh about 30 minutes before you paint. The cardboard will soak up the wetness and you should have a more firm paint after that. I hope this helps. And feel free to keep asking questions. That’s how we learn. 🙂

  2. The reason I like Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting is because of how caring for nature and people the TV program is. An Artist subject needs to be caring for the world.

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